Exploring Twitter

I don’t usually spend much time on my Twitter account, @smb1213, so I was a little concerned as to what to do for a whole hour exploring Twitter. After an hour, I have a new appreciation for Twitter. I can see that Twitter has something for everyone.

Twitter for Businesses

Companies can maintain relationships with their customers with a simple click of the “follow” button. Information can be gathered from their followers, their followers’ posts, and whatever other information people wish to share online. It’s a relatively easy way for companies to stay in their target customer’s heads. If a company’s hashtag starts to trend, it can mean huge impressions on potential customers. There are also tools available for companies to monitor topics, some of which are described in this interesting article from SocialMediaExaminer.com.

Twitter for Customers

For customers, Twitter can keep them updated about almost everything. They can see what’s happening in the “Trending” category and join the conversation or start their own conversations. They can always check out what’s going on with their favorite brands.

Twitter for Professionals

As a professional entering the workforce, I can understand that Twitter is very helpful in the professional world, too. Marketers can learn about new trends in the field. It’s very important to stay on top of what’s popular and useful in Internet marketing because it changes so quickly. I can monitor what’s going on with the products I’m using for my business and find out what I should be using and why, just from the other professionals I’m following. I’ve learned a lot just from my professor, @TheresaBClarke and her counterpart’s tweets.